BonkBe.Live will be the #1 social platform for broadcasting and watching live streaming videos. Go live, connect with your favorite stars, and earn rewards and cash!

Live Streaming + Chat

Stream whenever and wherever you want with one touch.

Live chat lets you comment and talk during the live stream. You can send thrilling flying comments now!

Send boink hearts to encourage your favorite broadcasters and show you care.

Get Followers + Meet Friends

Live stream can be shared with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Meet new people with the same interests, hobbies and personalities.

Add followers and share all your spontaneous moments.

Gifts + Money Rewards

Send gifts like teddy bears and magic wands to grab a broadcaster’s attention.

Gifts turn into diamonds and can be redeemed for real money!

Stickers + Fashion

Funny stickers stay on your face while broadcasting.

Live filters and makeup effects liven up any stream.
(Face technology by SenseTime.)

Explore + Follow

Search live feeds using #hastages to find different types of interesting videos.

Get real time notifications when your favorite stars go live by following them. Don’t miss any moments!

Live Trends + Activities

Live stream broadcasts on the hottest topics, such as #Summer, #AMA, #TGIF, #Q A, #emojichallenge , #fast cars, #Modeling, #Money and #Movie.

Take part in fascinating games and activities - win free gifts and prizes for just being online.

Meet new people and create fun and memorable moments now!

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China's internet may now offer a glimpse of the future — and American companies are taking notice. To find success in America, its parent company has ignored China, its home market and a country with 700 million internet users.

More Features

Custom Settings

Allow users to change and personalize settings.

Go Live and Get Paid

BoinkLive provides cash exchange per gold bar from Advertisers.

Open for Advertisers

Get more freebies and discounts from Global Advertisers.

Expand your friends

BonkBe.Live provides you a platform to expand your network of friends.

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BonkBe.Live will be the most popular broadcasting app on mobile platforms. Where you may Start your own live stream and watch enjoyable shows of talented performers.


BonkBe.Live will be the best App for Performers and Aspiring Stars!

Star Broadcasters: interact with stars from all over the world, YouTube celebrities, Facebook top influencers in BonkBe.Live, Numerous Fans, Connect with millions of users on BonkBe.Live and Become the next STAR!

Live Broadcasting: Watch and broadcast from your phone whenever and wherever you want!

Virtual gifts: Show your passion and support by sending various tool and unique gifts and roadsters to broadcasters.

and much more...

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